Camp Soar Camp Host

Residential Campground Host duties will include, but are not limited to the following:
Serve as liaison between park users & park staff.
Greet, welcome and assist visitors, and answer questions.
Distribute welcome packet containing maps, copies of park rules and regulations, and brochures.
Register campers and collect fees. Process revenues and data collections according to GSCI policies and procedures.
Assist campers and guests with check out or purchase of camping provisions such as firewood, ice, concessions, videos, mini golf equipment, and paddles for boats.
May assist campers in locating camp site.
Be familiar with local points of interest, neighboring facilities and location of services that may be requested by campers such as gas stations, restaurants, towing services, groceries, churches, tourist attractions and local events.
Keep written record of complaints of potential facility or property problems and pass on to appropriate GSCI staff.
Communicate information to campers as needed.
May assist in campground public relations, activities, and special events.
Keeping track of occupied and vacant campsite.
Checking in visitors and directing visiting public to family and friends campsite.
Responsible for care, safety, security and light maintenance around campground.
Clean campsites before and after campers check in and out by performing tasks such as raking the campsite pad, washing tables, cleaning out fire rings, picking up litter, sweeping, and reporting any damage discovered to GSCI supervisor.
Perform light maintenance work around the campground including duties such as, but not limited to, sanitizing restrooms, emptying trash containers, raking and grooming of public sites, trimming or weeding, clearing of roads and trails, sweeping cobwebs from buildings, replacing light bulbs, maintaining clean and litter free facilities and grounds, outlying areas such as trails, outposts and rental cabins.
Be observant for activities within the campground requiring immediate
attention - ranging from a tree needing to be trimmed to a disruptive
Report situations that could affect the health and safety of guests.
Hosts inform campers of rules and regulations, but are not to engage in high risk activity.
Host shall not attempt to discipline or apprehend park rule violators. Host will report all disturbances to GSCI staff as problems arise.
Host must set an example by being a model camper, being friendly and approachable, observing all rules and regulations and practicing good housekeeping at all times in and around their assigned campsite.
Be available and visible on site to campers and visiting public.
Hosts are RV residents of the park during their term of stay.
Host is expected to work most weekends and holidays during their
term of stay.
Working conditions include hot, cold, wet, humid, stormy or windy conditions.
Hosts enjoy the use of the campground facilities for no charge for the duration of the term of stay.
Hosts may be issued a name tag, vest, badge or shirt to be worn while in service.
May be assigned other duties and projects not listed.
Camp Hosts will have the following skills and abilities:
Ability to get along well with people.
Demonstrate good communication skills, courtesy and a helpful attitude
Ability to remain calm and friendly when confronted with upset guests, visitors and/or in difficult situations.
Ability to be physically active to perform light maintenance, stocking and cleaning, and move about the campground, in and out of buildings, to make rounds
Ability to organize files and maintain accurate records.
Ability to make change, exchange currency, and be bonded.
Ability to successfully pass a criminal and credit background.
Ability to adapt to changing work conditions.
A good knowledge of the campground and surrounding area.
Individual Camp Hosts will have the following Time Commitment:
Host will work a minimum of 20 hours of service time per week as scheduled, with additional on call availability, for a minimum of 30 weeks, from April 1 to October 31, to include most weekends and all holidays.
Hosts will enjoy two days per week out of service.
Compensation, Supervision and Training Provided:
Hosts report to the camp Site Manager or designee.
Hosts are trained in campground registration procedures and fee collection, recordkeeping, use of point of sale system, safety, rules and regulations, customer service expectations and hosting responsibilities.
Hosts enjoy the use of a full hook up pad and campsite (valued as $1500 per term) to park their personal RV for the length of the term of service.
Hosts enjoy paid utilities including electricity, water and sewer/ dumping station (valued as $214 per term) for the length of the term of service.
Hosts receive a $150 per month ($300 per couple) stipend paid for the length of service, paid monthly on ___________________ .
Hosts who do not fulfill the length of the term of service will receive a prorated stipend per diem.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.